You Are The One You Have Been Waiting For


The World is made of Energy at the quantum level.

Energy responds to Consciousness.

You are Consciousness.

Think about it.


Welcome to the web presence of Conscious Living OK, a locally based dis-organization in Norman, OK. We aspire to enrich and inspire the already-existing consciousness community of the greater OKC area, by serving as a hub for people devoted to the study and practice of positive, holistic and conscious lifestyles.

Our first event was the Global Peace Dance on September 11, 2009. Further events and workshops will focus on issues relating to causing best-case scenarios for peaceful planetary culture — which means connecting with and supporting all of the peaceful, vibrant people in strong and resilient local communities. Our events will hopefully be fun and informative, with benefits that will extend into your life after you have returned home.

Some areas of interest which we believe may serve our short and long-term vision are listed below. This is by no means an exhaustive list, there is much mentioned here that simply won’t happen without genuine interest and support from the larger community, so if you want to play, let us know how we can help you.

  • Achieving and maintaining health and wholeness through refining mind-body integration
  • Deepening authentic spiritual connectedness, in community and solitary
  • Emotional Self-Mastery (well-being and stability without drugs)
  • Sacred Dance, Yoga, Movement
  • Energetic Nutrition (what exactly is “good food?”)
  • Rediscovering the simple and profound healing arts (resilience and recovery through allowing and supporting the body’s inherent healing power)
  • Martial Arts and a Healthy Immune System
  • Men’s wellness support work
  • Women’s support circles
  • Meaningful rites of passage for the current social milieu
  • Integral and inspired education
  • Deep ethics and the meaning of community
  • Consciousness-based, ego-sublimated political systems
  • Resources to support the quest for authentic Self-Knowledge
  • A forum to present leading-edge scientific research which closes the old and artificial separation between matter, mind and spirit
  • Local, sustainable agriculture, currencies, and energy technology resources
  • Gratitude to life and the planetary being we are all a part of
  • 2012 and all that (conspiracies, etc.)
  • A place and a way to integrate the chaos of the age without going back to sleep

Thank you for your interest, and we hope to hear from you with suggestions and input.

  2 Responses to “You Are The One You Have Been Waiting For”

  1. Dara–
    Sandy and Alison here from Friends Along the Path meditation group and Nithyananda retreat.
    Your event at NUUF sounds great and we will plan to stop by.
    It would be great to discuss some partnership possibilities around what you are doing.

    • Hi Sandy, so good to hear from you! I look forward to meeting you and looking at those possibilities of yours.