Richard S. Auer


Most important things first, Richard Auer became a dad for the first time at the age of 46, in 2011 as adoptive father to a handsome and amazing young boy.

He began his career as a holistic wellness practitioner after completing the 1000 hour+ Somatic Polarity Therapy program at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts in Santa Fe, NM, and receiving his diploma in Polarity and Massage Therapies. In this, he seeks to assist others to rediscover the simple arts of self-healing and wellness, through greater awareness and honoring of our own natural life force. He established his energetic healing practice called Conscious Touch Therapies after moving to Norman, OK with his wife Dara in 2009, and together they launched Conscious Living OK and held the first Conscious Living Expo in 2010.

Living in Santa Fe from the end of 1995, Richard was guided and privileged to meet and interact with many inspired people and communities throughout the southwest. Working as a member of the production staff for The International Consciousness Conferences, he had a special opportunity to be with many enlightened teachers and living elders of the human potential and and evolutionary conscious movement during their workshops and lectures. During this time he also became involved with the conscious dance community EmbodyDance (which itself was seeded by a group in Austin, TX called Body Choir). Other important influences have come from the international men’s work community known as The ManKind Project; valuable insight gained from the impeccable seminar trainings of Landmark Education; the new-thought spirituality of The Celebration of Santa Fe; The Dances of Universal Peace Santa Fe Community; Jane Davis’ HOPE-HOWSE; and the several special, amazing and powerful women with whom he shared his life over the years.

Previous to his time in the New Mexican high desert, Richard lived for an extraordinary 3 years in the South Indian ashram of Mata Amritanandamayi, going to which he left his lovely home on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Throughout the Reagan-Bush Era of the 1980s, he lived “on the bus” as a cosmic vagabond, visiting nearly every state in the union while dancing with The Grateful Dead at over 150 concerts (including the OKC Zoo Amphitheater in ’86!). Rainbow Gatherings, hitch-hiking, and wilderness adventures along the west coast and beyond all brought about a deep appreciation for the many ways and means that Life may take, and still work out to be pretty darn sweet.

This life’s journey began in the unlikely location of Bronx, NY, and that’s just cool.

Richard is married to Dr. Dara Fogel, Ph.D. Together they have conceived the Conscious Living OK as a vehicle to pay forward all the blessings they have received in this lifetime.

We hope to “see you around the campus”, and hopefully on the dance floor!