Why CLiO?


Conscious Living OK (CLiO) has been conceived as a vehicle to pay forward all the blessings we have received in this lifetime.

The founders are:

Richard S. Auer, CMT, LMT

Dr. Dara Fogel, Ph.D.

CLiO is part of the evolutionary-consciousness meta-network, founded with the intention of unifying and focusing the awakening planetary culture here in Central Oklahoma. We see it as a hub for the many-layered and diverse tapestry which forms the holistic awareness and cultural-creative movements in the greater Oklahoma City  region.

Based in Norman, we attract, promote and develop unique opportunities to enrich, inspire and connect people, organizations and projects devoted to the study and practice of sustainable and heartfully artistic lifestyles. No gurus, only respectful fellow travelers, practitioners, dancers, explorers of the ways, (and inspired fools…)

Our first event in Norman was the Global Peace Dance on September 11, 2009. Further projects are being developed which will focus on creating best-case scenarios for peaceful planetary culture, by connecting with and supporting all of the peaceful, vibrant people in strong and resilient local communities! Our events will be fun and informative, with benefits which will extend on into your life after you have returned home.

Some areas of interest which are expressive of our overall collective vision are listed below.

  • Exploring the frontier where scientific research and practical spirituality overlap and are informing a new holistic cultural paradigm
  • Quantum Ethics & Philosophy – practical study and application of the elements required for the next evolutionary leap in the development of awakened and unified planetary consciousness
  • Holism – Universe as evolving, self-aware, living system
  • Envisioning positive interpretations of 2012, crop circles, the alien agenda, and methods of surfing the apocalypse
  • Resources to support the quest for authentic self-knowledge and spiritual awareness
  • Conscious Nutrition – what exactly is “real food?”
  • Holistic Health Care – becoming skilled in the art of personal wellness
  • Products which promote personal and planetary wellness
  • Emotional Self-Mastery – clearing and balancing our energetic nature
  • Maintaining a sense of compassionate humor in the midst of the absurdity of life
  • Biophilia – Falling in Love with Life itself.
  • Conscious Dance, Yoga, Movement
  • Men’s Wellness and Women’s support circles
  • Meaningful rites of passage for young and (old) people
  • Inspired holistic education, conscious business and political models,
  • Local, sustainable agriculture, currencies, and energy technology resources
  • Gratitude, Forgiveness, Blessing, Appreciation, and the Beauty Way
  • …!!!

We appreciate your interest, welcome your participation, and we hope to hear from you soon with your suggestions and input. Direct financial contributions can be made here.

Peace and Blessings,

Richard & Dara

  4 Responses to “Why CLiO?”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your institute and fine-lookin’ website!!!!! See you at the day-nce 😉

    – Hil

  2. I just wanted to thank everyone again for last night’s wonderful experience.
    I look forward to future events and happenings with all of you bright, like-minded people.
    Through love and kindness in each of us we can change the world…
    I believe this…and now feel even more positive that it is within our grasp…we can achieve this.
    Thank you again…I feel as if my heart and soul were nourished last night…and I didn’t even realize how starved I was.
    Blessings and Love,