Wake-Up Dancing!

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Aug 082009

Wake Up Dancing Flyer

A Progressive and Dynamic Moving Meditation
World Music • Sound Healing • 5-Rhythms Wave

Conscious Living OK

Invites You To

Wake–Up Dancing

In the Heart of Being
Sacred Time, Sacred Space
Embodied Awareness, Intending & Generating
Positive Vibration, for the Benefit of All Beings

a multi-dimensional experience of conscious community
global peace dance celebration

Friday, September 11, 2009
7pm to 9pm

Norman Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
(1309 West Boyd Street, Norman, OK)

Ages 12 and over
A Drug and Alcohol Free Event

$7.00 Admission

call Richard and Dara, {405} {822} {1178}

Ecstatic Trance Dance • Sweat Your Prayers
Lose Your Mind • Come to Your Senses

Body • Mind • Spirit • Soul • Energy • Intelligence • Integration
Oneness • Realization • Gaia • Satsang • Connection • Humanity • Divinity
Compassion • Understanding • Appreciation • Valor • Humility • Forgiveness
Truth • Beauty • Integrity • Respect • Explore • Evolve • Have Fun!

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