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As the inaugural event for CLICO, our first conscious dance was a truly stellar experience! Based on our own response and that of many of the participants, we have begun planning our next dance for November 16.

Here is Richard’s review for the 9-11 Global Peace Dance:

Wake Up Dancing FlyerFirst of all, we would like especially to thank the following people, without whose personal support and access to resources, the event simply would not have been possible:

  • Susan Cogan and Ed Kerns, for providing use of the Norman Unitarian Universalist Fellowship hall.
  • Dirk Van Buskirk, for donating the use of his PA system.
  • Emily, for securing the projector
  • Valerie Mettry, for lights, delicious food offerings, decorative efforts, and extraordinary support.
  • Pam Bradford, for her decorative skill.
  • Doug Rader, for his inspiration, positive energy, and networking skills
  • Dara Fogel, for being part of the vision and holding it all together.
  • Richard Auer, for bringing the music, technical skills, and “Cosmic Optimism”.
  • Justin, for bringing out his hi-quality sound system, even though we didn’t use it this time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The light of your hearts is shining!

And to each person who came out to play with us in this new dimension:

Thank you, we love you! We are very happy to have met you. Your energy and presence was integral to the success of the event, and let us know that we are moving in a good direction.

Now, here is my review and personal insights which emerged from the dance:

After an admittedly less than organized beginning, about 15 of us circled and greeted one another. Being the first CLICO event, many of us were meeting for the first time (in this life).  Dara led us in a short global peace meditation, and then we stated our intention that our dance be a prayer and blessing of progressive evolutionary human awakening towards a positive future of dynamic personal and planetary peace.

The dance began at 7:30pm. We danced wordlessly, yet not silently; separately, yet connected. Immersed in a play of color and sound, our individual stories which brought us to this moment receded into gratitude for our temporary release from the demands of mind. Rhythmically triggering our inner Soma, we entered the Pure Realm of unity and healing.

Freely moving to familiar rhythm, prepared to dive deeply into our own souls, balancing our inner polarities, and resonant with the singular guiding signal, awakening freethinkers breathed a collective sigh of relief. Dancing forward and through the chaos of personal Apocalypse, recapitulation and release sought and achieved, soul poison transformed into Amrita.

The music and technology became for us a conduit of deep and vast intelligence, communicating possibility of human culture free from imagined separation from Great Nature. As compassionate witness to the completion of our species’ ignorance-shrouded journey across this Great Time Cycle, Orobouros returns us to origins. As heart rhythms synchronize, attention focuses to primal Self-Source, cellular bodymind unwinds the ancient imprint of forgetting.

We are purified and reimagined as seeds of best possible Human/Gaian futures through this magnificent dance. We know that Universal Love exceeds elitist power schemes. Utopian probabilities increase as purposeful optimism rises. Access to restorative information is available to all with the strength of heart to Love selflessly, care enough to share it and have appreciation for the evolutionary process. Not to mention a sense of humor.

Many took the opportunity to offer their written personal intentions to the fire in a ritual space provided in the chillout area. Water, delicious fruit and cheese were also provided for sustenance.

Here is the playlist. (I expect to have CD’s available for a small donation at the next dance.)

Name, Artist, Album

  1. Silence, Delerium, Karma
  2. Malkouns (Night on the Ganges), Jai Uttal & The Pagan Love Orchestra, Shiva Station
  3. Daybreaker, Electric Light Orchestra, On The Third Day
  4. Burn You Up-Burn You Down, Peter Gabriel, Hit [Disc 1]
  5. Song Of Freedom, Luminaries, Love Music
  6. Red Sun, Anoushka Shankar, Rise
  7. Radharc, Dead Can Dance, Aion
  8. Big Cat, Afro Celt Sound System, Volume 2: Release
  9. Closer To The Heart, Rush, Chronicles
  10. Growing Up (Tom Lord-Alge Mix), Peter Gabriel, Hit [Disc 1]
  11. Chamber 12 Philosophy Excerpt, WingMakers, AA Chamber Philosophy
  12. Isle Of Everywhere, Total Eclipse, You Remixed – Phase 1
  13. More Than This (Radio Edit), Peter Gabriel, Hit [Disc 1]
  14. The Wheel, Grateful Dead, Live 82-10-17 Santa Fe Downs
  15. Not Fade Away, Grateful Dead, Live 82-04-17 Hartford Civic Center (2nd Set)
  16. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Elton John, Rocket Man: Number Ones
  17. Mind Games, John Lennon, Lennon Legend: The Very Best Of John Lennon
  18. Tonight And The Rest Of My Life, Nina Gordon, Tonight And The Rest Of My Life
  19. Veiled, Vas, Offerings
  20. Emmeleia, Dead Can Dance, Into The Labyrinth
  21. Om Asatoma, Deva Premal, The Essence

The Music came to stillness and finally silence at 9pm. As we gathered in Circle once more to share impressions, an even greater recognition was evident among us.

There is only One Dancer,

Only One Dance.



For tech geeks: an Aluminum Powerbook G4 provided audio and visual feeds to the board of a powered Peavey PA system, and a Toshiba digital projector. Leading up to the event, I used iTunes to develop my playlist, then imported my final choices into Apple GarageBand to create a single seamless audio file. Then re-imported back to iTunes for playback during the event, which also provided “live” visuals in sync with the music (I have fallen in love with the “Jelly” visualizer!) We hung a thin-weave white sheet across the midline of the hall from the ceiling to catch the projector stream. The walls were illuminated with strands of white Christmas lights and cool wall hangings, and the cutest little disco-ball I’ve ever seen projected additional effects onto everything. the The NUUF hall was thusly transformed into a temple of living light, color and sound.

Aside from some minor technical difficulties which cropped up at both the beginning and the end of the Wave, everything went very smoothly. A few items (like the projector!) didn’t show up until right before 7pm, so right up to the moment of the opening circle, I wasn’t sure if everything was hooked up properly! One big OOPS was the fact that nobody got a single photo! So therefore, we must do another dance very soon, to prove it all happened. Call it is divinely orchestrated chaos.

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