Oct 052009

Waking The Dead Flyer

Rolling on the success of our first event, CLICO is holding our next conscious dance at the Norman Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on Friday, October 16, 2009. In homage to the season, it will have a darker, All Hallow’s Eve flavor.

Wake-Up Dancing: Waking The Dead
A Conscious Dance Experience

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During this event we will address the dead-zones and stagnant energies which we have accrued to us in the form of brain-fog, old body aches and pains, chronic fatigue, and habitual negative behavior patterns.

Through conscious, intentional movement, we clear our inner conduits, inviting life-force to flow back into spaces of our being long neglected. Shaking up and shaking out the internal status-quo malaise, letting fresh air into the long-sealed coffins of faulty self-identification and decaying beliefs, purging the spirits of the dead from our consciousness and opening us up to resurrection of our REAL SPIRIT, awakening the memory of our true origins in timelessness.

At Wake-Up Dancing: Waking The Dead, we will dance upon the edge of life and death. Not by contemplating cartoonish dream/nightmare movie concepts. Rather, we will gather direct experience of our own life-force, palpating the fields of conscious energy that constitute the framework of our personal and transpersonal existence, distinguishing our own vibrational geometries, patterns and flow permutations, as we move through the Rhythms singularly and together.

As the season directs our attention to the darker side of human experience, it behooves us consider the underlying metaphysical principles and energetic reality behind unhealthy phenomena which fall under the following traditional names.

As a beneficial act of self-reflection, ask how you yourself may have perpetrated such behaviors upon others, or conversely, allowed yourself to have come under the influence of others living out these patterns:

  • zombies
  • ghosts and ghouls
  • vampires (psychic and corporate)
  • mummies (and duddies)
  • small-time ego-tripping witches and warlocks
  • parasitic entities (embodied and disembodied)
  • negative interdimensional and extraterrestrial entities (aliens)
  • nightmares (both personal and Hollywood)
  • schizophrenia, MPD and other base-reality shifted syndromes
  • etc.

And all of the animated phantasmagoria which play itself out on the screen of the collective cultural mind, enslaving and paralyzing individuals with false hopes and fears, including old memes like,

  • “My One True Love will someday appear and save me” and
  • “The Chosen One of God is about to arrive any day now to save the righteous (hopefully me)”.

Distinguish how it is you exchange energy with others. Do you draw directly from your own internal conduit to the unitary, authentic and true source of life? Or, rather, ignoring this, do you spend your time whining about how nothing works, and hooking up straws into the people around you, sucking their energy and bringing the whole system down with you?

Simply stated, when you connect to your true source, these games cannot be played on you so easily, just as you will lose interest in second hand energy.

PS: This Dance is conceptually centered around the practices of Emotional Self-Mastery. At a later date, CLICO will be holding a workshop to really get into this deeper.

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