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Romance and Resilience:
Emotional Self-Mastery in Relationships

St. Valentine’s Day Presentation

Sunday, February 14, 2010, 10am
Morning Star Center for Spiritual Living
329 S. Peters, Norman, OK 73069

Love, baby. Gotta have it. But what exactly is it? The word itself has become loaded with such a diversity of meanings and usage and innuendo that one must be very careful in conversation so as not to be misconstrued. The West glorifies Romantic Love as the epitome of interpersonal relationships. Yet, it is considered by many “grown-ups” to be an emotional minefield hardly worth the trouble, but almost impossible to avoid.

Without self-knowledge, the holy grail of romance becomes just another sales pitch. “Intimacy Awaits!”, we are told, just click on the advertisement! Valentine’s Day and it’s attendant saccharine images of pink fluffy hearts and little cupids to the rescue, selling us more chocolate, spa visits, alcohol, pumps, pills, anti-antidepressants (side-effects of which may include death!) and enhanced K-Y Jelly. Buy More (of what you don’t need) to fill the void (you don’t have, but believe you do because you forgot your true self)!

Practicing the enlightened art of emotional resilience and self-mastery involves developing of greater sense of balance amidst the constantly changing conditions of your own emotional landscape. By studying the nature of emotional energy and how it plays and moves within the bodymind, one can learn to become more at ease, less stressed, and feel more in-command of one’s life. Rather than simply coping with emotional reactions as if it were the weather, you can begin to select and choose emotional states on-demand.

When one does the truly spiritual personal work of clearing out the dangerous and uncomfortable static charges of old emotional baggage, gennuine intimacy becomes possible with another human being. Meaningful relationships based on authentic and clear feelings are of an entirely different order than the pseudo-relationships of emotional attack and projection.

Which would you choose?

As partners in marriage, Dr. Dara Fogel and Richard Auer have opportunity to explore intimacy and it’s ramifications to personal growth. As legally ordained Wedding Officiants (Ministers) in the State of Oklahoma, they have gained a unique perspective through performing weddings and commitment ceremonies for couples of many persuasions. In this presentation, they will attempt to unravel some of the cultural myths and memes which actually impede genuine intimacy and happiness, and offer practical tools and insight for becoming more centered, grounded and coherent in your emotional dimensions of being.

This is intended to benefit everyone, regardless of age or current relationship status.

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