Apr 192010

Conscious Living OK


Exploring the Law of Attraction

With Dara Fogel Ph.D.
Sundays 1:30 to 3:30 pm
May 16 – June 6
Norman Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
1309 Boyd St, Norman OK

Recent advancements in both Quantum Science and the field of Self-Development have indicated that our thoughts and emotions have profound effects upon not only the way we experience our lives, but also help to determine what kinds of experiences we attract into our lives.

In this series of classes/workshops, we will discover the science and theory behind the creation of our personal realities.

Through practical applications and exercises, we will explore ways to attract the life we desire.

Through discussion and experimentation, we will seek to find the most effective ways to make our dreams come true!

Download Exploring The Law of Attraction Flyer here.

Download Syllabus Here.

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