Aug 122010

Think Cosmically, Play Locally!

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Conscious Living is all about
the new renaissance of awakened being.
…It’s the culture of creativity, and kindness, and transformation,
living the good life right where we are in this moment,
realizing perfect freedom of choice,
action arising from loving awareness,
in balance with the whole of life.

Over thirty booths, featuring:
Progressive Community Organizations
Innovative Product Vendors
Ongoing Lectures & Workshops
Enlightened Laughter
Oneness Blessing
Conscious Art & Music
Contemplating Complexity
Appreciating Simplicity
Loving Reality
Letting Go and Having Fun!

Friday Night Drum Circle
Saturday Night Concert

The Expo will be free & open to the public

12:00 noon until 10:00pm on Friday, November 19,
10:00am until 10:00pm on Saturday, November 20.
(the weekend before Thanksgiving)

In the Heart of Being

Sacred Time / Sacred Space

Confirmed Presenters List

Presentation topics will include:

What is Consciousness?
Integrating Science & Spirituality
Wholistic Philosophy
Health & Wellness
Organic, Locally Produced, Free-Range Peaceful Planetary Awareness
2012 and The Mayan Calendar
Yoga of Awareness
Living In Choice
Green Living
Fair Trade
Social Justice
Quantum Ethics
Conscious Eating
Sustainability: Food, Technology & Community
Emotional Self-Mastery
Conscious Commerce
Non-Violent Communication
The Power of Intention
The Vibratory Nature of Existence

and much more!

Click to download the Conscious Living Expo 2010 Flyer.pdf

Vendor and Speakers

We are interested in your talents! Click here to apply for booth space and presentation opportunities.

Re-Awakening and Honoring Our Positive Evolutionary Potential

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