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People sometimes wonder what point of distinction we are making by using the word “consciousness” in so much of our work. I mean, isn’t everybody conscious (at least when we’re awake)? Are we creating a sense of exclusivity and separation by squatting on a term that ultimately refers to the condition of every living thing? Won’t some people take offense? Who the heck do we think we are, implying that we are more conscious than other people? What’s our carbon-footprint, how much leather do we own, and how much hypocrisy must there be?

For clarity’s sake, “Green” memes are not identical with “Conscious Evolution”; rather, they derive from them. The broad and inclusive Green social movement is a modern adaptive response by freethinkers on the leading edge of thought and feeling to the degradation of our biosphere by our own hand. It is therefore a conditional frame of reference. Evolution of Consciousness is something much more ancient, transcendent to all social orders. Societies’ shifting from left to right is, from the ConEv viewpoint, akin to changing Ph balance of water. It affects the process, to be sure. But the big picture is ancient, not simply concerned with the last election cycle.

I’ve had the displeasure of meeting a few Mean-Greens, so the personal development work inherent to Living Consciously is not necessarily a factor in the green culture; but fortunately, this is the exception to the rule. It’s not about the clothes you wear, it’s about who you be, wherever you are (and I do embrace and support Green ideals and ethos, but let’s not confuse the cart with the horse.) Green memes minus ConEv memes degrade into yet-another auto-pilot religious dogma belief system. That’s fine, but it’s not Conscious Living.

Consciousness has a variety of meanings and contextual implications. It has been the core area of research and development for the human potential movement, which is really the latest version of the ancient movement of awakening to self-knowledge, gnosis, yoga, identifying and freeing oneself from false premises that lead to unfortunate ends, and discovering the true principle that when applied lead to happiness and fulfillment.

Consciousness is the source of many definable attributes, such as self-organizing intelligence, growth, desire and adaptation to change. It is unconditional love, the space for all things to be. It is essentially the witness and motive of all experience. It can’t really be explained (although I do so love to try!). One simply knows the truth of this upon stopping to notice it. This is why meditation is the ultimate “stopping to smell the flowers” activity. Busy monkey-mind cannot conceive the value of stillness, and therefore blocks its realization. This seed does not sprout in such chaos.

And this is the dividing-line, the water-mark, the threshold of Awakening.
It is extra-extra-extra-ORDINARY. It is as common as leaves falling from trees.
YES, YES, YES, it’s the Zen, the Eureka, the Flow, the At-Onement, the unifying principle…

So, something is going on down here on the good ol’ planet Earth, something big enough to involve the entire galaxy. The 2012 stellar alignments are real enough, and rare. Interpretations are the crux. Those darn Mayans were at the top of their class in regard to formulating an irritatingly precise set of interlocking calendars that measured stellar phenomena that had only little to do with the planting cycles. What inspired them to such feats that surpassed even the Egyptians, we may never know, but what clues are available give hints about the significance of the time we are  living in.

Consider Consciousness to be the root-source of existence. Within the universe, Life is the expression of the potentials of Consciousness in degrees varying with the capacity of the life form/species/ecology. Not only do we have consciousness, we ARE consciousness. (English forces a static objectification of living processes, so I have to use nouns as verbs and vice-versa! Sorry!)  And all in this universe is energy, which is to say “stuff that vibrates”. Vibration is the sound, the movement, the frequencies of creation. Primal consciousness gives rise to self-organizing patterns in the vibratory plenum, calling forth embodiments and ecologies. As energy and vibration are cyclic, rhythmic in nature, so does consciousness adapt, through its embodiments, for the purpose of self-realization.

Human Beings are a great a marvel of engineering, with extremely flexible capacity. Consciousness loves this species, because we can be played with, stretched and folded (and spindled and mutilated) in so many ways, and we just keep on going! Our natural resilience provides for practically unlimited expansion and exploration. The trick is to realize that we are not the embodiment, we are the embodying consciousness. This moment of acceptance as to the actual order of things creates great inner peace, and life begins to flow as a blissful expression of our source.

There is a continuum of consciousness expression. Each one of us is like the root-tip of a vast life-principle, at the leading-edge of awareness, always in search of the fulfillment of our unending desires. The world is the domain of play, the field of desire. Due to the nature of, well, Nature, humans are often so wrapped up in the forceful currents of mind/outer life/emotion, that we do not discover our deeper functional characteristics until late in life (if ever).

So, “Conscious Living” and “Evolution of Consciousness” memes refer to life beyond a certain threshold of awareness and self-realization, that individuals of the species reach through their own efforts (within a universe designed to foster the greater awakening of dormant potentials – aka, the “grace” of higher intelligence). It’s a complete and total reorganization, like the butterfly metamorphosis, a process that all members of the species are designed to undergo, although not all members do.

Terence McKenna mentions a species of salamander called Axolotl, which generally spends its entire life in a larval stage of development (a condition known as neoteny). The Axolotl remains in the immature phase until and unless external conditions cause a shift in their hormonal balance, allowing the metamorphosis to occur that leads to the true adult form.  There may be many generations of this species that come and go, never even suspecting their dormant genetic potential. It has nothing to do with their sexual maturity, as they all reproduce just fine. But when the conditions in the pond change, and the heretofore never seen (but perhaps mentioned in salamander legend) adult forms begin to appear, what a ruckus this must be for the pond community! What might these “evolved” salamander go through, as they begin to stand apart from their former peers? Might they not think themselves as monsters, freaks with no place in the society they were born to?

There is some evidence to suggest this could be the case regarding humans. It’s entirely plausible that there is an evolved “adult” form of humanity that none of us may have encountered, and wouldn’t know it if we looked right at it. For the last several thousand years (a tiny slice of geological time), our “pond-water” has been of fairly consistent composition. But it is clearly due for a radical change!

True human maturity has little to do with sexual maturity, more to do with psycho-emotional integration. It’s a spiritual maturity, rooted in what we refer to as The Awakening. It’s not even necessarily related to age of the body (although I’m sure there is a bell-curve out there somewhere to show where it all falls). You just know it when you meet someone, (if you have the feelers to perceive), where they’re at. Cautious compassion for the sleeping, party-time for the Awake!

Conscious Living is the most selfish endeavor, in the sense that “putting the oxygen-mask on yourself first” is selfish. Until you yourself are FREE, you cannot be of genuine help to anyone. At best, unconscious people can provide some body-heat on a cold night. But more often, their whiny complaining and thrashing about makes them very difficult to be around. There are a lot more sleepers, and those of us who are waking up among them are often dealing with highly sensitized nervous systems. (Sing, “They say that waking u-up is ha-ard to do-oo”, to the music of “breaking up is hard to do”). I think that all psycho-emotional drama can be accounted for within an evolution of consciousness model. The clashes of purpose that seem so annoying provide the contrast that promotes accelerated evolution. Negative and positive energy is all part of the system. Appreciating the perfection is a good and immediately beneficial strategy.

The stabilized, Awakened, Perfect Master, Sat-Guru, Buddha, Christ, may in fact be instances of the “mature adult-form” that humanity evolves to from its predominant larval stage. Having seen through the vibratory matrix to it’s underlying unity, they report an experiential reality of an entirely different order than the rest of the sheep endure. The Awakened reside in a different frame of reference, and are utterly unconcerned by the travails of this world. It is said that they have no business here, and are not undergoing the evolutionary process. Rather, it is that transitional souls, seeds who have sprouted but need nurturing, still ever so ensnared in the false-dream-matrix, have called forth an embodiment of pure source-consciousness, by the combined force of their own desire for liberation from confusion. This is original meaning of the word Avatar, long before anime and Cameron: a descent/download of pure source-intelligence-love, in response to a cry for assistance from a great multitude. When they say God walks among us, they mean the Avatar. It seems that, in this age, the Avatar is not as much of an external saviour who will fix the world for us, but the energy of inspired purpose, a rising tide of realization upon which many boats can float. In this age, we all have opportunity to embody/express/channel higher energy awareness (which might rightfully be called a Mass Ascension).

Awakening Humanity is sharing the planet with Sleeping Humanity. It’s the same species, all races, at different stages of evolution, even within the same family. The evolution is not a “better-than” state, it’s just the next level. Is the butterfly better than a caterpillar? To stay with the analogy, we’ve got caterpillars, we’ve got butterflies, and we have a whole lot of cocoons at varying stages of maturity.

So, how do you know if you are an Awakened human, or merely a well-practiced somnabulator? Well, the awakened, by definition, just know. The soundly sleeping don’t care to know. For those in transitional phases, however, there are many tests. Probably, the sleeping will never read this text, but the transitional may. If you are really offended by any of this material, then you are probably still somewhat attached to the “story of your life”, which is pretty meaningless in this context. (Sorry, didn’t mean to disturb you, keep moving along, nothing to see here…) The sleeping tend to be rather restless, rustling about in frenzied anxiety, or hunkering down around various narcisisitic contemplations. Everything bothers them. They take everything sooo seriously. They take responsibility for everything and nothing, depending on the weather.

However, if you detect the cosmic giggle, and can appreciate the sense of humour inherent in the situation, then you are probably well up over the horizon. (Of course, all authors would like to say this, but it does make the point.) By that standard, I’d have to place myself squarely in the Chrysalis phase. I’ve had moments of extraordinary connectedness, and more all the time, but it’s far from stable. I have tended to reach a bit beyond my grasp, and then slide back. But, it’ all a ride, and the best way to facilitate my own process of is to move toward coherence, and not get bent out of shape. In the most important sense, I’m already there, so the rest of it is up to something greater.

The process of Awakening to a new level of consciousness is not instantaneous. Human beings undergoing the process of conscious awakening may not yet have incorporated the dimensional energies flowing through them, and it can sometimes be confusing and scary. (Personal transformation is not for the meek!) Also, the process is not instantaneous, but as the use of the term evolution indicates, a Born into a social matrix that offers no clue as to these factors, people suffer out of ignorance. Once the process has begun, it’s best to find ways to facilitate, rather than hinder or deny it. So, come on out of the Consciousness closet already!

CliO, as a manifestation of the Evolution, seeks to alleviate the birth-trauma of Awakening on this planet by hoisting a flag, creating a conversation, clarifying and supporting people through the dark nights of the soul, birthing the new Being, saying, “Hey, it’s all OK. We love you no matter what. Relax, take a deep breath, everything is working out fine.) We’re staking claim to the Evolution (but not taking credit for it), in the spirit of “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”.

It’s just too much fun!

Humanity is an ongoing work of art, and the Consciously Living demographic is on the leading edge of realizing the fullness of their creative potentials. This makes us both glorious and perceived as a threat to existing socio-political structures. We are dedicated to freedom, liberation, and self-discovery, co-adventurers, with an infinity of agendas, yet one purpose.

We rarely notice just how many of us there are, but we recognize each other fairly quickly. We are all so different! The evolution tends to be measurable in terms of values and lifestyle choices, although there are no firm rules. We never run out of material in this material world, which means we will always have opportunity to keep on seeking, finding and re-creating whole new worlds to play in.

It is our choice what kind of world we design, and the world we live in is a product of our own consciousness. So, if you don’t like something, change it in yourself. It’s the only place that exists to make the change.

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