Nov 082010

Special Concert Performance
by sacred music recording artist

Dwain Briggs

Saturday Evening, November 20th, 2010
from 7pm to 9pm

Dwain’s deeply healing music combines masterful keyboards
with his signature vocal style and conscious lyrics,
opening portals to higher-consciousness
in a luxurious temple of sound.

(Suggested Love Offering: $10.00)

Featured vocalist along with the Prague Symphony and Vangelis on the 2003 Grammy nominated album, Solace, the multi-talented Dwain Briggs has been an integral part of transformational events worldwide, sharing the stage with many best selling authors including Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Alan Cohen, Neale Donald Walsch , Louise Hay and Dennis Weaver.

“Quite simply, a heavenly voice.” Michael Hoppé, Warner Music recording artist and award winning composer of “Quiet Storms” and “The Yearning”

“Empowering Memories of our deepest love through rich melodies and timeless words; the feelings last long after the music ends.” Gregg Braden, best-selling author of “Awakening To Zero-Point”, “The Divine Matrix”, and “Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012”

The unique impact of his voice and music opens the heart and creates a safe space. His renditions of both traditional and contemporary sacred music as well as his own original compositions have set the tone for ordinations and world peace conferences. Along with performing concerts and events such as these, Dwain has been a special guest soloist at hundreds of churches, temples and spiritual communities. Those who experience his music find a singular and profound spiritual connection.

He has released three albums of his own including his latest, Echoes of a Modern God.

“Dwain’s music sends out a vibration that changes a person at the heart level. Even a casual listener cannot escape this effect” Dr. Norma Milanovich, world-renowned speaker and workshop presenter, author, “We, The Arcturians”, and “Sacred Journey to Atlantis.”

“There are musical technicians and true artists. Dwain Briggs is an artist that sings from that spiritual dimension of the heart. His singing touches something deep in you because it originates from that which is deeply spiritual in him. In my forty years of full-time ministry, I have never seen a performer so consistently bring a sense of spiritual inspiration and sensitivity to an audience.”
– Dr. Paul Leon Masters, Founder, International Metaphysical Ministry

“Dwain Briggs is not only a performer, he is a transformer.” – Merrily Smith, Director, The Holistic Networker

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