Nov 102010

What is Environmental Consciousness?

“Understand, this world is a deeply interwoven tapestry,
comprised of humankind’s search for purpose and meaning.” – R. Auer

Dr. Thomas Burns offers us a global perspective of how cultural and organizational systems (such as religion, education and politics) develop in relation to one another in light of their comparative and historical contexts.

In this brief lecture, Tom will discuss ideas from his forthcoming book: This Side of Eden: Culture and the Natural Environment in the Midst of Modernity (NY: Cambria, 2011), regarding how these systems affect social outcomes in terms of human well being and long-term sustainability.

Date/Time: Saturday, 4PM
Duration: 1 Hour

Presenter Info

Thomas Burns is Professor of Sociology and a faculty member in Religious Studies at the University of Oklahoma.
He studies and writes on social institutions from a comparative and historical perspective.

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