Nov 102010

Heart of Now

Imagine an emerging culture where we practice consciously the art of presence, radical honesty, authenticity, transparency and fully embracing our whole beings (especially our emotions!).

During this workshop, we will go through practices and exercises designed for including and connecting, being in our bodies, practicing honesty with others, building our intuition, facing any fears of being in front of and sharing honestly with others, speaking our truth, embracing our emotions and the power of presence and compassion.

Friday, November 19, 4:00pm
Duration: 1.5 hours

Presenter Data

Jeremy Ashton has been involved with Heart of Now community (which originated in Oregon) for the last 5 years, both participating in the workshop and assisting five times each. He has been passionately sharing heart of now emerging culture with others for the last four years, including facilitating Cosmic Lovetribe events such as: snuggle parties, sacred dance parties, tantric pujas, heart meditation groups. Jeremy is also a practicing buddhist and is passionate about Non-Violent Communication.