Nov 102010

An Introduction to Biodynamics

In this one-hour session, you will learn about the basic principles of Biodynamic gardening and farming. With the assistance of Richaritha Gundlapalli, MD, FAAP, Joseph will describe Biodynamics as a wholistic profession that unites earthly and cosmic forces with the human, plant and animal kingdoms in the middle. It will be distinguished from organics as well as permaculture. We will discuss the concept of etheric forces as these relate to the 4 elemental kingdoms, and the importance of using a planting calendar and the Biodynamic preparations in the creation of a living soil.

Saturday, November 20th, 2010, 1pm
Duration: 1 Hour

Presenter Bio

Joseph is a retired educator with training in a wide variety of subjects, including as associate’s degree in horticulture and certification as a Master Composter. He has practiced organic gardening for 40 years, and the last 30 years as a Biodynamic gardener. He and Sho’ena Helen hold regular monthly gardening meetings at their home in Cashion.

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