Nov 102010

Ancient Vedic Fire Puja

Friday, November 19th, 2010, from 8pm until all negative karma has been transformed

The most ancient rituals in nearly every great and small world tradition has involved the use of fire as a means of communion with the spirit realm. In contemporary India, followers of the ancient traditions contained in the Vedas (arguably the oldest scriptural texts in the world), the tradition is known as Agni Pooja, Yagna, Homa, and Agni Hotra. It is commonly practiced as a means of purification of the mind and senses, as well as the environment of the Earth, clearing negativity, raising the vibratory frequencies of participants and the surrounding environs, and allowing one to perceive and cut through the knot of binding illusion.

We are fortunate indeed to have Ed Van Antwerp, a certified teacher of Sri Kaleshwar, a revered South Indian Master, here with us at the Conscious Living Expo to perform this Fire Puja. With the support of his spiritual lineage, his mastery of the ancient mantras and rhythm of the ritual, and in full traditional Indian attire, Ed-swami creates a truly authentic experience.

The timing of this Fire Puja coincides with the Full-Moon occurring on 11-21-10, which according to the Farmer’s Almanac is also a Blue Moon. This will therefore be an even more rare, powerful and special event!

All are welcome to participate.

Material supplies and costs are as follows:

  • One Puja Coconut
  • Some Flowers
  • Puja Dakshina, (monetary offering) is recommended $15.
    In addition to being a part of one’s own mental purification with regard to money and finances, this is used to subsidize the cost of the firepit, wood, large amount of Ghee, rice and other ingredients (including the Swami himself!) which combine to make this a spectacular cultural and transformational experience.

We will have a number of these items for participants to purchase at the Expo, but it is recommended that you make your own effort to acquire them. Puja coconuts an be obtained at Spices of India, in NW OKC, and many Asian food markets.

As this event will take place outdoors, at night, in November, please dress appropriately!

Presenter Information

Ed Van Antwerp has traveled to the east many times, and is a graduate of the Sri Kaleshwar Soul University. This is the equivalent of a PhD in spirituality!

It is Ed’s dharma to share the teachings of the Palm-leaf books, ancient texts, passed from master to student, that contain sacred healing knowledge protected for the last 3000-5000 years. These teachings are coming to the west because the planet needs them now. A great percentage of beings upon the Earth right now are suffering some form of heartbreak or soul-pain for which there is no cure in the west. The Palm-leaf teachings affect the subtle energy level of the soul. These teachings are based on yantra (sacred geometry), which is 1000 times more powerful  than mantra/prayer. This reduces the time people have to experience heartbreak and soul pain.

The foundation of the teaching is based on mastery of the five-elements: earth, fire, sky, water and air. Ed is offering lectures and workshops in the Oklahoma City area during the limited time he is here. He will show a brief video, give a short lecture, and if time allows, demonstrate some of the healing techniques.

He also conducts satsang, a gathering of souls where spiritual knowledge and information is shared in an atmosphere of reverence and open-heartedness.

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