Nov 162010

How to co-create with Creator God and the Universe to manifest your soul’s desire.

The energy on the Earth is shifting dramatically. When one understands the energies at play and what they represent, then one can work with those energies and the Universal Laws to manifest what one wants in ones life in all areas.

Length of Presentation: 1 Hour

Presenter Bio

Barbara worked as a medical laboratory technician with the American Society of Clinical Pathologists in the fields of hematology and immunology for 18 years. She received a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from Oklahoma State University in the fields of History and Philosophy. She did five years post graduate studies in the areas of Eastern Mysticism, the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, Metaphysics and Native American Spirituality. She is published in seven fields of study. A licensed minister in the State of Oklahoma, she also does crises intervention, spiritual counseling, and is a shamanic practitioner.

Her private practice focuses on the restoration of core energies on the cellular and subcellular levels.

Eternal Reflections of Oklahoma