Nov 162010

Consciousness and Unlimited Health

Dr. Gumman will discuss ways of Natural Health through the ancient systems of Ayurveda, Acupuncture and Meditation.

Presenter Bio

Harmony Health Center, Inc.
3535 NW 58th, Suite 750
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
Office: (405) 947-HEAL (4325)


  • Diplomate – NCCAOM (National Acupuncture Certification)
  • Doctor of Medicine: University of Health Sciences, Antigua School of Medicine, Antigua, West Indies
  • Master of Public Health: Health Promotion Sciences, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Doctor of Acupuncture & Doctor of Philosophy: The Open International University of Complimentary Medicines (OIUCM), Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery: Government Ayurvedic Medical College, Osmania University, and Hyderabad, India. This is a 5 and a half year program in Indian and Western Medicine and Surgery.
  • Diploma in Naturopathy: Gandhi Nature Cure College, Osmania University and Indian Institute of Naturopathy, India
  • B.S. Degree in Botany, Zoology and Chemistry: Dr. BR Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad, India
  • Yoga Instructor Certificate: Government Vemana Yoga Research Institute, Hyderabad, India Certification/Licensing
  • Medical License issued by the board of Indian Medicine, Government of Andhra Pradesh, India, for the practice of medicine, surgery and traditional medicine (all forms) in India.
  • Licensed to establish clinics of complimentary medicine – The Open International University of Complimentary Medicines (OIUCM)


  • Course Instructor: Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Cooking & Meditation, Life Mastery Yoga, Oklahoma City, OK.
  • Course Instructor: Ayurvedic Medicine & Acupuncture, Midwestern School of Inner Wisdom, a state licensed school offering practitioners’ courses in Acupuncture and Ayurvedic Medicine, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Visiting Professor: The Open International University of Complimentary Medicines (OIUCM), Colombo Sri Lanka, since June of 1994
  • Course Director: International Institute of Integrated Medicine, conducted a course in Acupuncture for physicians, May to August, 1994 Clinical Practice
  • Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Yoga and Body-Mind Holistic Medicine. Facilitating management of pain, neurological, muscular, bone & joint disorders and chronic diseases.
  • Vein Care & Holistic Clinic: Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK, since May, 1998
  • Neuropsychiatric Center: Oklahoma City, OK, from September, 1998
  • Gumman and Manning Acupuncture: Oklahoma City, OK, from August, 1994 to December, 1995
  • Ayurvedic Physician and Acupuncturist to the following medical centers, Hyderabad, India, from June of 1992 to April of 1994.
  • CDR Hospitals, India’s foremost chain of super specialty hospitals
  • Kasturba Nature Cure Hospital, one of the largest Naturopathic hospitals in India
  • Kailash Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Center
  • Jeevan Super Specialty Clinic
  • Physician to Bright High School, providing general medical check-ups and health education for over 700 students, 1992-1994


  • Carried out a study towards a PhD Thesis, “Effect of integrated Approach in the Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis With Acupuncture, Ayurveda, and Naturopathic Modalities”
  • Carried out a study, “Changing Trends Towards Alternative Medicine in Oklahoma- Factors Influencing This Change”, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center


  • Intern, Government Ayurvedic Hospital, Hyderabad, India, in the Departments of Medicine, Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Otorihinolaryngology (ENT), Obstetrics, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Clinical Pathology, Radiology and Dentistry


  • Medical Seminar Leadership
  • Successfully organized several state and national medical conferences at Hyderabad, India that were highly applauded by the participants and media
  • National seminar on contribution of various systems of medicine towards National Health Care, May 1993
  • State symposium, Concept of Vital Points in Ayurveda, April 1993
  • National seminar on Ayurvedic Pharmacology, January 1992
  • 6th National Update on Fiber Optic Bronchoscopy, December 1992


  • Conducted several workshops and retreats on Holistic health care in Oklahoma City, OK and surrounding areas.


  • Featured guest on several radio shows, TV news, and newspapers related to holistic medicine, both in Oklahoma and India.


  • 2009 Dhanwantari Award for Excellence in Ayurvedic Practice: Amitabh Gumman, B.A.M.S., M.D., M.P.H.
  • Founding Director, Harmony OK, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA


  • Distinguished Service, Greater Hyderabad Ayurvedic Congress, Acupuncture Association of Andhra Pradesh

Professional Memberships

  • President, Oklahoma Acupuncture Association
  • Vice President, Oklahoma Naturopathic Physicians Association
  • Founder, Acupuncture Association of Andhra Pradesh
  • General Secretary, Hyderabad Ayurveda Academy, Academic Wing of Ayurvedic Medical
  • Graduates Association of India, 1992-1993
  • Life Member, All India Ayurvedic Congress
  • Acupuncture Foundation of Sri Lanka

Other Activities

  • Conducted several rural and school health camps in India. Treated over 30,000 patients without a fee in these camps
  • Partner, KOHEST (Koheda Herbal Estates), an institution engaged in cultivation of medicinal herbs and herbal formulations at Koeheda Village, India