Nov 192010

Turning To One Another: Conversations Toward Healing and Hope

Clint Williams, executive director of The Xenia Institute, will lead a workshop on various communication techniques designed to promote hopeful, healthy, and whole conversations.  Through these techniques, participants will discover new ways to build and maintain deep, meaningful relationships with friends, loved ones, colleagues, and all members of the human family.

Presenter Bio

Clint Williams is the executive director of The Xenia Institute, a Norman-based non-profit organization that promotes public discourse, civic participation, and transformation through dialogue.  Holding degrees in religious studies and music, Williams’ areas of professional interest include using various dialogue techniques as a means toward honest and open interpersonal relations, researching and examining public discourse formats and the way they affect deliberation on important issues, and fostering meaningful dialogue on the internet, as is being conducted through Xenia’s online magazine, Dialogic.

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