Nov 172010
Carol Sanders @ Conscious Living Expo - Introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Introduction to EFT A brief introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques aka “Tapping” or Meridian Tapping for avariety of issues, concerns and self improvement. EFT is a psychological/physical use of the acupuncture meridian points through the body’s energy system that is used in acupuncture.

Nov 162010

Friends Along the Path: Introduction to Meditation Carol Holliman and Sandy See will discuss meditation techniques and their
benefits. The presentation will include demonstration of relaxation 
techniques through breath work, yoga stretches and guided imagery and a 
short meditation. The techniques presented draw from several traditions. Presentation Date/Time: Saturday, Nov. 20, 10:00am

Nov 162010
Barbara Clayton @ Conscious Living Expo - How to Manifest in the 21st Century

How to co-create with Creator God and the Universe to manifest your soul’s desire. The energy on the Earth is shifting dramatically. When one understands the energies at play and what they represent, then one can work with those energies and the Universal Laws to manifest what one wants in ones life in all areas. […]

Nov 162010
Rev. Amy Venable @ Conscious Living Expo - Living the Theology of Welcome

Existing in a Bible Belt Culture with a Left-of-Center Idea of Radical Inclusiveness Rev. Amy Venable will share in her presentation the story of St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church’s decision to become an open and affirming congregation to Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgendered and Friends of all of those. She will talk about what it means […]

Nov 162010
Nathaniel Batchelder @ Conscious Living Expo - Peace House Visions and How to Get There

“As realists, we must settle for incremental progress, sometimes less. As idealists, let us set the true vision out there, that we never forget what underlies our daily efforts for advocacy and public education.  Let us remain true to our vision even as we knuckle down to efforts in a world and society that may […]

Nov 162010
The Enneagram Personality Model @ Conscious Living Expo

The Enneagram Personality Model: The 9 Types and Ego Liberation Presenters: Sterlin Mosley and Aaron Addonizio Length of Presentation: 2 Hours This presentation will espouse the nine personality styles of the Enneagram personality typology; how we become fixated in the limiting beliefs and behaviors delineated by them; and the nine paths to ego freedom. We […]

Nov 162010

Are you suffering from “Intention Deficit Disorder”? During this informative, inspiring, and fun keynote presentation, audience members will learn how to harness the power of intention to experience greater success in whatever areas they choose. Tom will be sharing life changing principles from his book, How Bad Do You REALLY Want It? Presenter Info Tom […]

Nov 102010

What is Environmental Consciousness? “Understand, this world is a deeply interwoven tapestry, comprised of humankind’s search for purpose and meaning.” – R. Auer Dr. Thomas Burns offers us a global perspective of how cultural and organizational systems (such as religion, education and politics) develop in relation to one another in light of their comparative and […]

Nov 102010
Ken Hays at Conscious Living Expo - Between Sun and Earth: Living In The Human Plane

Between the Sun and the Earth: Living In The Human Plane What does being human on Earth mean? How do we grow in consciousness and heal all aspects of ourselves? Taoist philosophy says we live between the earth plane and heavenly plane in the human plane. We all have the ability to choose our path […]

Nov 102010
Jeremy Ashton at Conscious Living Expo: Heart of Now

Heart of Now Imagine an emerging culture where we practice consciously the art of presence, radical honesty, authenticity, transparency and fully embracing our whole beings (especially our emotions!). During this workshop, we will go through practices and exercises designed for including and connecting, being in our bodies, practicing honesty with others, building our intuition, facing […]

Nov 102010
Joseph Glosemeyer at Conscious Living Expo: Introduction to Biodynamics

An Introduction to Biodynamics In this one-hour session, you will learn about the basic principles of Biodynamic gardening and farming. With the assistance of Richaritha Gundlapalli, MD, FAAP, Joseph will describe Biodynamics as a wholistic profession that unites earthly and cosmic forces with the human, plant and animal kingdoms in the middle. It will be […]

Nov 092010
Dr. Gary Cone at Conscious Living Expo: The Evolution of Consciousness and the 2012 Timeline

The Evolution of Consciousness and the 2012 Timeline This presentation details the evolution of consciousness over a 16.4 billion year cycle according to the Mayan Calendrical System. Dr. Cone will specifically focus on the last two cycles: the 8th or Galactic Cycle, which began in 1999, and ends in March of next year, during which […]