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  1. will this dance be based on gabrielle roth’s 5 rhythms, and if so who will be the leader?

    • Hello Elizabeth,

      I’m glad you asked! My background with the 5-Rhythms is through association over several years (late 90’s and early 00s) with the EmbodyDance community in Santa Fe, NM, and by reading GR’s book Sweat Your Prayers. I have put a great deal of attention on developing a Wave through my choice of music and its organization. I’ve also chosen music that has what I perceive to be positive emotional value and lyrical messages.

      While this dance is inspired by and derives spiritual guidance from Gabrielle Roth’s work, I have not received formal training through her organization. (Though I did have the opportunity to dance once with GR in NYC for one night several years ago!)

      We wanted to establish a trance-dance here in Norman, and felt a need to distinguish its purpose from a simple anything-goes party. We also wanted to connect to the consciousness of the global dance community. Having only recently moved to the area, and with 9/11 on the horizon, we went ahead and followed our instincts to create this peace celebration. There has been strong support from the community thus far, and many synchronistic occurrences which speak to the rightness of the thing.

      So, no, this is not an officially sanctioned 5-Rhythms event, although I would love to take the training at some point. If this becomes something of an ongoing event, perhaps we can invite a trainer to Norman for several of us here to benefit.

      I hope you still want to come!

      In service,


  2. I had a wonderful time last night! Can’t wait to do that again!


  3. Richard and all,

    I would be willing to help put on at least monthly dances in Norman. I have attended Body Choir in Austin, TX for many years and have helped to do dances at other places.


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