Conscious Living Expo 2010


Conscious Living Expo 2010, Norman, OK

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The First Annual

Conscious Living Expo

November 19-20, 2010

St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church

1801 Brooks Street, Norman, Oklahoma

Come and connect with Oklahoma’s
multifaceted and multidimensional community
of leading edge thinkers and
heart-based visionaries
who are re-imagining
the next evolutionary leap
for humanity and our living planet.

For two days in November, there will be teaching and learning, sharing, healing, meditating, chanting, dancing, laughing and raising the vibration, clearing out the gloom, freeing up the energy, refining our understanding and giving thanks for the opportunity we’re given to be alive during the cusp of the Grand Cycle.

Participating in this event will be representatives of Oklahoma’s finest metaphysicians, therapists, alternative health practitioners, social activists, permaculturists, intentional and transitional communitarians, artists, musicians, poets, humorists, authentic conscious capitalists, new paradigm technologists, ceremonialists, djs, professors, pastors, planetary guardians, peaceful warriors, shamans, pagans, prophets, yogis, saints and sages….

Ambassadors all of the new and ancient ways, the many together who represent the greater awakening of the planetary consciousness movement.

Together we will gather with collective intention to attune to a cosmic pulsation to share, move and inspire each other, and the body of humanity at large, to receive and express the best of our dreams, and continue the long-standing lightwork of co-creating our positive collective reality.

Confirmed Presenters List

CL eXpo 2010

will be from 12:00 noon until 10:00pm on Friday, November 19,
and from 10:00am until 10:00pm on Saturday, November 20.

There will be a Community Room with over 30 booths filled with wonders and delights, plus 3 rooms with ongoing educational, artistic, and consciousness-raising activities.

At the close of each day will be a Special Evening Event in the beautiful round sanctuary of St. Stephen’s, which we hope will inspire and enliven everyone who comes.

Vendor and Speakers

We are interested in your talents!

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