CLxpo 2010 – Who Will Be There?

Conscious Living Expo 2010, Norman, OK

The Conscious Living Expo is a free 2-day event
featuring many luminaries from our local community of
heart-based evolutionaries.

The Expo will feature over 30 booths, so that vendors and community organizations may present their best ideas and energy to the public.

In addition, there will be ongoing educational presentations and demonstrations on a diverse range of topics that all support our theme of Living More Consciously.

Our list of currently confirmed presenters and organizations (along with workshop titles) include the following presenters, (but please also take a look through the Blog Post archives and the CLX2010 Category for full presenter bios and descriptions of sessions)

  1. Dr. Gary Cone, PhD, The Cone Center: Living in Choice
    – The Evolution of Consciousness and the 2012 Timeline
  2. Nathaniel Batchelder, Director, Peace House Oklahoma City
    – The World That Must Be
  3. Dr.  Thomas J. Burns, PhD, Dept of Sociology, University of Oklahoma
    – Society and the Environment
  4. Dr. Dara Fogel, PhD, Conscious Living OK
    – Reality Creation 101
  5. Rev. Amy Venable, pastor, St. Stephen’s UMC
    – Living the Theology of Welcome
  6. Dr. Tom Massey, PhD Tom Massey Consulting,
    – The Power of Intention
  7. Tom McLain
    – Keynote: Non-Violent Communication – Transforming Unconscious Reaction Into Conscious Response
    – Workshop: NVC – The Practice of Compassionate Communication
  8. Dr. Amit Gumman
    Consciousness and Unlimited Health
  9. Rev. Barbara Clayton, MA
    How to Manifest in the 21st Century
  10. Carol Sanders
    – Introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  11. Steve McLinn
    – Harmonizing the Body with Sound and Voice
  12. Gail Peck
    – Step Into a Labyrinth – Follow the Path to Your Dreams!
  13. Christie Giles
    – Belly Dance, An Artful Celebration of the Feminine Form
  14. Amnesty International
    – OU Chapter
  15. Doug Bannister, Oklahoma School of Metaphysics
    – Emotional Literacy
  16. Joanne Gee
    – Healing with Essential Oils
  17. Clint Williams, Xenia Institute: Transformation Through Dialogue
    – Dialogue and Communication
  18. Isaiah McCaslin, Norman Sustainability Network , former candidate for Oklahoma State Legislature
    – Identity and Culture
  19. Frank Lotito
    – Electric and cargo bikes as alternatives to cars
  20. Jeremy Ashton, Heart of Now
    – Heart of Now
  21. Lynn Crussel
    – Green Living Tips
  22. Asante George, Living Our Bliss
    – Living Cuisine and The Sunfood Diet
  23. Jackie Morton, Om Gardens
    – Less is More: Conscious Living on a  Tight Budget
  24. Doug Rader
    – The Ego & the Self
  25. B.J. Knight
  26. OU Center for Social Justice
  27. Gwen Lake
    – How Many Brains Do You Have?
  28. Sterlin Mosely and Aaron Addonzio
    – The Enneagram Personality Model: The 9 Types and Ego Liberation
  29. Ken Hays, The Natural Choice
    Between The Sun and the Earth: Living In The Human Plane
  30. Amy Fredrickson, Chipotle Mexican Grill
    – Film: Food, Inc. and Discussion of Food Integrity
  31. GertJan de Leeuw
    – Vedic Astrology and the Subconscious Mind
  32. Joseph Glosemeyer, Geolite Works
    – An Introduction to Biodynamics.
  33. Sho’ena Helen Harris, Geolite Works
    – The 5 Principles of Conscious Living
  34. The Norman Oneness Blessing group
    – Ongoing Deeksha
  35. Friends Along the Path
    – Introduction to Meditation (talk and short meditation)

And More coming!

And finally, to round out the day of networking and sharing, there will be a

Friday Night Community Drum Circle

from 7pm until about 10pm

AND, that same evening, a concurrent Blue-Moon

Vedic Fire Ceremony

(Fire Puja begins at 8pm)
(Pooja Dakshina recommended: $15)

Saturday Night Musical Performance

Special Guest Performance by sacred music recording artist

Dwain Briggs

We would like to thank

Our Sponsors

Please visit the Vendor and Presenter Applications for the Conscious Living Expo 2010

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